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10.09.2018 в 21:24
Пишет Gonzzza:

Широко известный за образ Геральта профессиональный каскадёр и косплеер Бен Бергманн (АКА Бен Шамма АКА Maul Cosplay) записал видос для всех, кто шьётся в последнюю ночь :evil:

The Last Night - A Cosplayer's Tale

If you're a cosplayer, this is for you.
We all know them, these last nights before the convention. A thousand things still have do be done in order to finish our cosplays, and it seems like the workload is just too big for one person. Don't you also wish for a little help sometimes? Or at least a kick of motivation from your biggest idols?
Now, open a can of your favorite Energy Drink, plug that hot glue gun in, fire up that dremel and GET IT DONE!

(с) Ben Schamma, Maul Cosplay.


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